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atWare is a development company with many years of experience creating flexible and effective solutions through Agile methodology. We believe that we will bring clients outstanding applications, meeting all requirements and the project nature of clients in any field.
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What is Mobile App Development?

Mobile app development is the process of creating software or apps designed for use on electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. These services not only help businesses create custom mobile apps but also assist in improving client engagement, optimizing operational processes and enhancing their brand.

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What Mobile App Development service are we offering?

Our work includes developing, integrating, and managing mobile applications, ensuring that we always bring our clients a unique experience and the best quality, optimal solutions, and many advantages for businesses. We will strive to continuously improve the excellent services we have established for our clients.

Cross-platform app development

Consulting and support throughout the project process

How can we assist with the services we offer to you?

Cross-platform App Development

We provide mobile app development services that work on multiple platforms while providing your users with an app suitable for the operating system. It also helps businesses reduce costs and time to bring products to market faster while reaching more users without reducing quality.

We ensure that we bring top quality to both business clients and end users. We are not only focused on improving the experience of our target clients but also bring continuous innovation and complementarity across diverse service categories.

Why do many companies choose for Cross-platform App Development over native Mobile App Development?


The choice of employing a cross-platform approach for Android and iOS app development is primarily driven by its cost-efficiency. With this approach, a single team of developers can create an app that functions on both operating systems. This results in substantial savings, estimated at approximately 30% to 40%, as there's no need to develop separate codebases for each platform.

Faster Time To Market
Faster Time to Market

Cross-platform development accelerates the time it takes to launch an app to the market. Since developers don't have to craft distinct applications for various platforms, they can concurrently build and release the app on multiple app stores. This means that your app can reach Android, iOS, or Windows users simultaneously, reducing the time required for market penetration.

Easier maintenance & deployment
Easier maintenance & deployment

With a single codebase, it is easier to deploy and maintain the app if it needs to be transformed or customized. Updates can be synchronized across all platforms and devices, ensuring consistency and efficiency.

Agile Developer Certification by atWare Vietnam

Why Choose Us?

We offer reasonable prices that are negotiable to businesses to ensure a budget convenient yet high-quality solution for our clients.

Our dedicated development team is proficient in many technologies, from NodeJS, Java, Golang, .NET, ReactJS, Angular... and others technologies. We leverage the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide modern and reliable cloud solutions.

Our team is highly qualified, always grasping and updating new technology trends, ensuring clients always benefit from the most advanced solutions.

We are client-centric, committed to ensuring flexibility and transparency in the development process through the application of Agile and Scrum methods, helping to optimize project efficiency and minimize risks.


At atWare Vietnam, we not only take advantage of the Agile development process but also have the flexibility to customize and can adapt to changes quickly to suit the special requirements of each project, helping us provide the most optimal solutions for our clients.


We start by understanding the client’s goals and visions through collaborative workshops, but we are always ready to adjust the scope and goals based on new feedback and direction from our clients throughout the development process, laying the foundation for success.


Based on the requirements, we start to define all the tasks and estimate the time and budget for your project. We always consider the flexibility to change or add new tasks as required of the project.


The tasks will be divided into manageable "sprints", from 1 week to 4 weeks, to ensure rapid adaptability and allow for continuous value distribution, but the timing and manner of divided tasks can be adjusted to better suit the specific complexity of the project.


Clients can check the output after each sprint and collaborate with us to continuously improve the project and allow clients to change or adjust requirements as needed.


Once completed, we remain ready to provide fully functional growth pieces and provide continuous improvement support according to our clients' evolving needs to achieve sustainable success.







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