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Offshore Software Development

With the right partners, using offshore development services is a great option to get your software product to market quickly and efficiently. Offshore development teams offer access to a larger talent pool, lower costs, and faster completion times than working with an in-house development team.

Get to Market Faster with Offshore Software Development Services

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What is Offshore Software Development ?

Offshore software development is outsourcing software development to companies in other countries. This is often done to help businesses reduce development costs and take advantage of human resources with technical expertise available from professional service providers. Businesses that use offshore software development services often do not have an in-house team with enough skills or a large enough scale to complete their projects. Therefore, businesses avail services from offshore developers who have the appropriate knowledge and experience.

Why do Businesses prefer Offshore Software Development Services?

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Reasonable costs

One of the most important benefits of offshore software development is lower labor costs in other countries, which can help businesses reduce software development costs without affecting quality.

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Access to highly specialized human resources

Offshore software developers often have talented resources and professional skills in developing software applications according to worldwide standards and quality. Our team in Vietnam is part of a rapidly growing economy with highly specialized human resources, technical qualifications and experience in software development.

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​Time savings

Instead of wasting time recruiting and training new employees, businesses can start using software services abroad to save more.

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High scalability

Scalability is crucial no matter the company or sector. Having the ability to scale resources as needed means the organization has the ability to adjust to changing market conditions or workloads. In addition to taking advantage of economies of scale, businesses that can scale quickly to meet clients' demand are key to success in the technology industry.

Agile Developer Certification by atWare Vietnam

Why Choose Us?

We offer reasonable prices that are negotiable to businesses to ensure a budget convenient yet high-quality solution for our clients.

Our dedicated development team is proficient in many technologies, from NodeJS, Java, Golang, .NET, ReactJS, Angular... and others technologies. We leverage the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide modern and reliable cloud solutions.

Our team is highly qualified, always grasping and updating new technology trends, ensuring clients always benefit from the most advanced solutions.

We are client-centric, committed to ensuring flexibility and transparency in the development process through the application of Agile and Scrum methods, helping to optimize project efficiency and minimize risks.


At atWare Vietnam, we not only take advantage of the Agile development process but also have the flexibility to customize and can adapt to changes quickly to suit the special requirements of each project, helping us provide the most optimal solutions for our clients.


We start by understanding the client’s goals and visions through collaborative workshops, but we are always ready to adjust the scope and goals based on new feedback and direction from our clients throughout the development process, laying the foundation for success.


Based on the requirements, we start to define all the tasks and estimate the time and budget for your project. We always consider the flexibility to change or add new tasks as required of the project.


The tasks will be divided into manageable "sprints", from 1 week to 4 weeks, to ensure rapid adaptability and allow for continuous value distribution, but the timing and manner of divided tasks can be adjusted to better suit the specific complexity of the project.


Clients can check the output after each sprint and collaborate with us to continuously improve the project and allow clients to change or adjust requirements as needed.


Once completed, we remain ready to provide fully functional growth pieces and provide continuous improvement support according to our clients' evolving needs to achieve sustainable success.







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