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2023 Recap: A Year in the Life of atWare Vietnam - Small Team, Big Wins

Updated: Jan 11

As we look back on 2023, atWare Vietnam had a year full of ups and downs. Despite our small team, we achieved a lot and went through a bunch of things together. Let's take a closer look at the journey we've had – the challenges we faced and the victories we celebrated in the world of tech.

atWare Vietnam 2023 recap
atWare Vietnam 2023 recap

Pragmatic Agile Training

In February, our team decided to strengthen our grasp of Agile by enrolling in a training course. Led by coaches from Hoc Vien Agile over two days, the program provided valuable insights into Agile principles and practices. We dived into the sprint process and learned about the different roles within a Scrum team.

During the training, we learned new ways to review our work and enhance teamwork through improved retrospectives. At the end of the course, all six team members passed the test, earning certificates that showcase our expertise in Agile practices. This achievement reflects our dedication to personal growth and team excellence in applying practical Agile methods.

As a team, it's a big win that all six of us passed the test and got certificates. This shows how we're all committed to learning and getting better at Agile together. It's not just about each person doing well but also about our team getting stronger in using Agile methods.

Minathon in HCMUT

In April, we organized the Minathon contest at HCMUT, creating an exciting playground for students passionate about software development. This Hackathon-style competition is a 48-hour challenge where teams unleash their creativity, ideate, and bring to life a demo for a product or project centered around the mystery theme.

This year, we offered substantial prizes to encourage student participation, attracting over 50 finalists and more than 200 students in the first round. Over the intense two-day competition, students collaborated in groups to address a problem related to a given keyword. Our team members provided valuable assistance, supporting them in refining their products. Importantly, there were no restrictions on the type of product they could create, allowing for unrestricted innovation.

Minathon not only provides students with the opportunity to showcase their teamwork and problem-solving skills but also exposes them to the entire process of developing a product in the software field. The event has become a highly anticipated annual occurrence, warmly welcomed by students as a significant and rewarding experience in their academic journey.

New project kickoff in Japan

Our team works a lot with a Japanese client. But because the team has people from two different countries, we face challenges like language barriers and being far apart, which makes it harder for us to work well together.

In May, when we began a new project, collaborating with client side's employees, which means a new team, we wanted to tackle these challenges head-on. To make our connections stronger, our team members flew to Japan for an in-person kickoff.

Team building at client's office
Team building at client's office

Meeting in person was really important. When we all came together in Japan, we not only got to know each other better but also built stronger connections that are crucial for working well together. During the visit, we went to the client's office and did activities to kick off the project. This gave us a good understanding of the project details and set the stage for a successful collaboration.

Speak at Agile Vietnam Conference

On May 31, our company spoke at the Agile Vietnam Conference, debuting at an Agile event. We discussed managing a multicultural team, addressing language barriers, and overcoming geographical distances. Despite initial nervousness, our team emphasized the importance of understanding cultural differences for effective collaboration.

During our talk, we discussed various team-building activities, including the Drucker Exercise from Agile Samurai. We emphasized the importance of direct communication and mutual learning among our Vietnamese and Japanese team members.

Move to new office

Reflecting on our journey, AtWare Vietnam made a significant move from 11 Doan Van Bo to 21 Nguyen Trung Ngan. This transition was driven by the necessity for a larger space to accommodate interns and new team members. The new office has become a vibrant hub for collaboration and growth, symbolizing the expansion and positive evolution of our team.

Summer Internship

At AtWare Vietnam, we take pride in our summer internship program, which warmly embraced three enthusiastic interns. Following a week of dedicated preparation, they seamlessly transitioned into our ongoing projects, immersing themselves in a genuine work environment. In contrast to simulated projects often provided for interns, our program exposed them to real challenges, offering an authentic glimpse into the professional world. Despite the inevitable difficulties faced by both the interns and us, this hands-on approach played a pivotal role in significantly enriching their learning experiences.

Over the span of two months, these interns not only adapted to new technologies but also actively contributed to scrum teams and enthusiastically participated in various team events. Our unwavering commitment ensured they had not just an educational but also a truly immersive experience.

It is worth noting that the success of our internship program is exemplified by two of the interns seamlessly transitioning into becoming valued members of our team, underlining the effectiveness of our commitment to nurturing and developing fresh talent.

Achieve AWS Partner Select Tier

In December 2022, AtWare Vietnam aimed high by reaching for the AWS Partner Select Tier. Our whole team, from engineers to support staff, worked hard to get essential AWS certifications. We spent nights studying, doing hands-on labs, and diving deep into cloud stuff like architecture and DevOps. With support from our clients, we applied and got approved! The office was filled with cheers as we celebrated this achievement. Now, with this recognition, we're ready to help businesses, bring in innovation, and make the most of AWS.

Members got AWS certificates

Looking back, we celebrate Jacie, Jack, Dang Minh Ngoc, and Nguyen Mai Thy for earning AWS Certified Developer – Associate and AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certifications in October. Their success reflects our team's collective dedication to learning and test-taking.

These certifications, highly esteemed in the industry, signify expertise in designing, developing, and deploying applications on the AWS platform. Jacie, Jack, Dang Minh Ngoc, and Nguyen Mai Thy's achievements highlight not only their proficiency but also our team's commitment to continuous learning and delivering exceptional service to clients through AWS, driving innovation and substantial value.

Company trip in ThaiLand

Looking back on our journey, AtWare Vietnam cherishes the memories of our company trip to Thailand in late October. Our team explored the vibrant city of Bangkok for four rejuvenating days, strengthening our bonds and gaining fresh perspectives.

This experience has fueled our renewed passion and dedication, making us even more ready to tackle new projects and collaborate on top-tier products for our clients. With a commitment to excellence, our dynamic team is poised to deliver outstanding results in innovative software solutions, cutting-edge applications, or robust systems. Connect with AtWare Vietnam today and let us exceed your expectations in your next project!

Team building: paint ball shooting

Looking back on December, AtWare Vietnam had a different kind of team day. Instead of working on computers, we played paintball at Phu Tho Stadium. It was a day of laughter and excitement, with the team working together in friendly games. It wasn't just about shooting paint; it was about working as a team, talking to each other, and making quick decisions.

This fun day made us feel closer, and when we went back to work, we had more energy and did great things for our customers.

Achievements, Growth, and Anticipating the Road Ahead

As we close the chapter on 2023, we're filled with pride for the strides we've made. This year, our hard work and commitment translated into tangible achievements. Not only did we excel in our projects, but our focus on self-improvement underscored our dedication to empowering our clients' businesses.

With projects accomplished and achievements unlocked, we're not just prepared for new endeavors – we're eager for them. As we step into 2024, our journey of development and growth continues. Here's to another year of pushing boundaries, embracing challenges, and making a positive impact. Thank you for being part of our journey, and here's to the exciting possibilities that 2024 holds for us!

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