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atWare Vietnam Summer Internship 2023: A real life of a software engineer in two months


According to the graduation requirements from my university, I need to take an internship in an IT company. And atWare Vietnam is on the company list of my university. That's why I embarked on a two-month journey as an intern at atWare Vietnam, a Japanese IT company. This opportunity promised to be a transformative experience, offering me a sneak peek into the fast-paced and dynamic world of information technology.

Diving into the Technology Ocean

From week one, it was evident that my internship would be an immersive experience. The first day was like an orientation, introducing me to the company's culture, values, and the multifaceted nature of the tech industry. The person responsible for it is the CEO of atWare Vietnam, Gene-san who is a really kind person. This brings me and all interns a comfortable feeling and see the company's concerns for the interns. For the rest of the week, first, we need to learn about the Agile Scrum Methodology and a lot of technologies in different fields from frontend to backend.

Training in a real project

Most time of the internship, I was joined to a real project with a Japanese customer that covered a spectrum of IT domains. From software development to cybersecurity, I had the chance to learn about the working process, representation, attending meetings, and applying all my knowledge to the project. My tasks included collaborating on a web development project, building the infrastructure, and testing, …One of the most favorite things I gained was participating in an agile team. This is the first time I joined a real project management system. Working in an agile team makes you feel that you can see the improvement day by day, fast problem raising through activities like daily scrum, and sprint retrospective, … Besides, the journey taught me not only about the technical aspects of coding but also about problem-solving, user experience, and the importance of effective communication in translating ideas into functional solutions.

Mentorship: A Guiding Light

The mentorship I received during my time at atWare Vietnam was invaluable. All my mentors, who are all seasoned IT professionals, patiently shared their knowledge and experiences with the interns. Regular one-on-one sessions provided an avenue for discussing technology, clarifying concepts, and receiving feedback on my work. This helps me a lot in learning new knowledge and experience from professionals, building my confidence in tackling complex challenges. Furthermore, all mentors are really “funny guys”, they usually make the working environment entertaining with their funny stories.

Team Synergy and Collaboration

The heart of any successful IT company lies in its team dynamics, and atWare was no exception. I had the privilege of working alongside talented individuals who not only possessed technical prowess but also knew how to foster a collaborative environment. The synergy within the teams was felt very strongly, and this experience taught me that innovation thrives when diverse minds come together. The key to making this is equality, a core value of the company, which means that in work, the company has no hierarchy, everyone has the same role, and everyone's opinions are heard and contributed... All members of the company not only work together but also live together. During the internship, we had a lot of memories from the welcome party, birthday party, and werewolf game, … We are not only a team, but also a family.

Personal Growth and Takeaways

Beyond the technical skills, my internship journey brought about significant personal growth. I learned the art of time management, joining an actual project, and estimating deadlines effectively. Problem-solving became more than just finding solutions; it was about analyzing situations from different angles. Moreover, I tried to hone my presentation and communication skills, which are critical for conveying complex ideas to both technical and non-technical stakeholders.


As I wrapped up my two-month internship at atWare Vietnam, I finished it with a lot of knowledge and experience. The experience has broadened my horizons, allowing me to witness firsthand the transformative power of technology. From coding skills to team collaborations, every moment was a lesson waiting to be learned.

My career has only just begun, and the foundations I gained during this internship will undoubtedly shape my future endeavors. I am grateful for the opportunities, the challenges, and the relationships that have enriched my life during these two months. Additionally, I want to send my appreciation to all members of the company, because of giving me a chance to have precious experience. As I step back into the academic world armed with real-world insights, I carry with me the belief that the technology landscape is where I truly belong.

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