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Equality is one of our Core Values.

We develop software using the agile development framework, Scrum. In a Scrum team, there is no distinction between senior, junior, and fresher. No matter how many years of experience a developer has, it is important that everyone on a Scrum team is committed to the outcomes, and no one specific developer has special authority. It is always the team that has the authority and responsibility. All developers are equal.

In our business today, the PO (Product Owner) of the Scrum team is often the Japanese client, and the client's requests and instructions tend to be important from our perspective. However, in Scrum, the role of the PO is to maximize the value of the product and the outcomes of the Scrum team, not to give instructions to the developer. Therefore, it does not matter whether the PO is a client or not. Our positions and roles are different, but equal.

We want to use the value of Scrum in the management of our organization. atWare Vietnam is a mixed team of Japanese and Vietnamese. Many developers are young Vietnamese, but I am neither young nor Vietnamese. It is true that we started our business in Vietnam because of my many years of experience in Japan and trust in atWare Vietnam.

But that does not make me a high ranking person, I only have the responsibility of the roles of president, sales, and accountant in the company. like PO, I will support atWare Vietnam's young Vietnamese to maximize the outcomes of their work.

atWare Vietnam, developers, POs, Japanese, Vietnamese, young, old, and the president are all equal. Everyone has the same authority and responsibility to act.

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