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From Intern To Fresher

Hi, there 🖐 Welcome to my first blog! I’m so glad to share that I have just passed through the 2 - month internship program and successfully become a Fresher at atWare Vietnam.

Back to some months ago, I was a third-year student at Ho Chi Minh University of Technology and was finding an internship program related to my major - Computer Science. At my school, the internship is an essential program for undergraduates, especially third-year or final-year students. It not only creates opportunities for us to put education into practice but also helps us learn more about workplace culture and employee relationships, then boost our skills. After researching many companies, I met atWare Vietnam at the Job Fair of my faculty and was impressed by the company culture and the internship program here. I applied and after interviewing, I successfully became an intern at atWare Vietnam.

I joined the company in June 2022 and worked as a full-time intern for 2 months. At the beginning of the internship program, I was so surprised because I participated in such a big project. I found it difficult to understand the whole architecture and the technical stacks of the project. But luckily, I had a good Vietnamese mentor and Japanese teammates. They helped me a lot so I could research from the smallest things and catch up step by step. I created a Notion page to keep notes about my work every day and when I was back home, I reread them to work better the next day. This page was extremely effective and helped me a lot.

After the internship, I can see my improvement in both technical skills and soft skills. I got more profound knowledge about Scrum Development Process, SOLID principles, and Clean Architecture as well as got familiar with new technical stacks like TypeScript, GraphQL, AWS, Git Flow, etc. Besides these technical skills, I also improved my communication, and teamwork skills and especially improved my Japanese skills. I worked on the project using 100% Japanese and my company also sponsored me to learn Japanese after working time. It’s such a great opportunity and I extremely appreciated that. Now, I still keep learning for 3 hours per week with my Japanese teacher and will take the first N5 exam in December 2022.

About the working environment, all members are excellent and friendly. That makes me excited to go to work every day. We had 10-minute daily meetings to share the funny things, the new experience, or the problem we were facing. We had time to eat together after work. We had a company trip in Phu Quoc when the internship program finished with multiple funny moments. All of them bring us closer together and make me feel like a family. One more unforgettable thing was the first time I was being celebrated my birthday surprisingly with cake and gifts. I'm immensely grateful for that.

In conclusion, the internship program brings me lots of memorable things as well as grows me to become a better version of myself. Currently, I have become a Fresher and am still enjoying jaunty moments here. Thank atWare Vietnam for giving me such a good opportunity.

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