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Make The People Happy with Providing A System #1:"System"

The mission of the entire atWare Group, including atWare Vietnam, is to “Make The People Happy with Providing A System". atWare Inc.'s original business was an outsourced software development service, and the word “System" in the mission statement refers to “Computer Systems". We believe that our mission as an outsourced software development service company is to create computer systems that meet the needs of our customers, make them happy, and make the lives of the people who use those systems more convenient. In addition, our engineers themselves find it rewarding to create such a system, and we also find happiness as engineers.

Nearly 20 years have passed since our founding, the world has changed dramatically, and the role of computer systems in society has also changed. We have come to think that we would like to make more people happy by providing a wide range of “Systems" as atWare that are not confined to computer systems.

Computer systems have become an integral part of various social environments and activities, in other words, an indispensable part of social systems, and computer system development alone is not to be considered independently.

It is also that Agile software development has gone from being a process for software development, as the name implies, to being applied to more and more manufacturing and projects, as exemplified by Scrum.

As atWare's business, we support the introduction of this Agile/Scrum to sites other than software development (such as company management) and provide services aimed at solving transportation problems, known as MaaS. We have also operated programming classes and co-working spaces in Hokkaido, Japan, with the aim of revitalizing rural areas. atWare's culture has also created a unique structure as a software development organization.

We believe that young Vietnamese engineers will be happier if we establish a software development company in Vietnam, where offshore development from Japan and other countries has been mainly lower process(only programming).

Of course, not all Vietnamese engineers would feel happy, but there would be a few who would fit in with this culture (not everyone in Japan would think the atWare culture is good, but I believe that the current 50 or so employees are there because they feel happy).

Of course, the culture of atWare in Japan is not perfect, and in the end, the culture is created by the people who gather there, and it will change. Still, with the mission of “Make The People Happy with Providing A System" we hope atWare Vietnam to be a place where the engineers are also happy.

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