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What is Minathon?


A hackathon is a software development competition in which participants act as developers, graphic designers, project managers, and so on... to complete a demo within a time restriction.

The name hackathon is made up of two words “hack” and “marathon”. "Hack" is understood as a way to solve a problem using the most optimal and most effective method in the shortest time.

The event generally only lasts 24 hours or takes place over a weekend. Apart from the competition aspect, Moore explains that many hackathons also host workshops, guest speakers, and connect participants with seasoned mentors.


The Minathon, which is also in the hackathon format, is held annually at the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, Ho Chi Minh University of Technology, and is sponsored by atWare, Inc. The contest has attracted a large number of students from all courses due to its appealing prize pool, interesting experiences, and the opportunity to challenge & compete with their peers.

Minathon 2022

📍 Location: Ho Chi Minh University of Technology - Di An Campus 📅 Time: April 23th - 24th, 2022

👥 Team of 3 to 4 members

🏆 This year's prize pool

  🥇 16.000.000 vnd

  🥈 8.000.000 vnd

  🥉 4.000.000 vnd

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