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My summer internship experience: All roads lead to Rome

A journey full of unexpected things has just ended. But to me, it is also a new beginning.

Hello, I'm Thy. This summer of 2022, I'm the intern girl at atWare VietNam, and I've now been given official membership. I'm here to talk about my time here during my internship and why I decided to stay.

There are a few factors behind my application to atWare. Each student at my university was required to complete a summer internship, so I started looking into companies to learn more about the real working world and hone my skills. And atWare was the only one who didn't demonstrate what they wanted from the candidate. This made them unique. And while I was prepared for a technical-heavy interview, what happened was that I got to meet every employee and discuss our shared philosophy. It was also a major surprise to learn that Gene-san, the CEO, joined, which was difficult to find in other organizations.

After the interview, I now believe that this is the position I'm seeking for. Fortunately for me, they also feel the same way.

And so a brand-new voyage began.

It was a pleasure for me to participate in the a real project during these two months and collaborate with the team members. This summer, I've learned a lot, including scrum, technical skills, and soft skills.

In our project, a sprint will last two weeks. We check the backlog and determine the story point for each ticket at the beginning. And we'll do everything in our power to achieve the sprint objective. We will demo and complete KPT after the sprint to better our work moving forward. I had the opportunity to learn throughout my internship, from the fundamentals of coding style to actually writing front-end and back-end code. I also have my first demo for the team. I gained a lot of new experience throughout these two months, and I also learned a lot of amazing things.

Of course there will be a lot of problems, but when they are all taken into account, everything turns out to be fine. The other team members helped me a lot, and I am very appreciative to them.

Things that I received here was totally not what I expected at the beginning. Not a training course but a real working world, not a project that I can join from the starting but something required me to get used to it,.. But after all, this new road seem not so bad. Just like what they always say, each road has a different view, but all roads lead to Rome.

We also take a trip together towards the conclusion of the summer. We get to know one another better and become closer during that.

The amazing summer experience convinced me to stay. Therefore, if you are interested in our business, please feel free to contact us.

Good luck and bye for now.

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