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OKR - 2023Q3 Kick-off

At atWare Vietnam, we define our goals as the company every quarter, and the company is run accordingly. Specifically, it is based on the OKR framework; according to the OKR Board, we have been using OKRs since the third quarter of 2021, so exactly two years. However, initially, we could not make great Objectives and Key-Results. Sometimes it took almost two months to make them. Also, even though we had made the OKRs, all employees could not focus on them during the quarter, and we often debated the meaning of doing them.

In the OKR framework, the company's overall OKRs, presented top-down, are broken down and connected to the OKRs of organizations, teams, and individuals within the company. However, atWare Vietnam is an autonomous individual and team, and we do not fit with the top-down method of applying the OKRs made by the CEO to the entire company. We are still a small team, and since the agile mindset is at the core of our team, we also want to make the company's OKRs as a team. On the other hand, we feel that individual OKRs are unnecessary so that everyone can commit to the company's OKRs.

Today, July 6, we took a day off from client work to make OKRs as a kick-off for this quarter. We started by reviewing the Vision and its Evidences, which can be considered as the long-term Objective and Key Results. Since it has been more than two years since we defined the Vision and Evidences and many employees were not involved in their making, we redefined the Evidences. We also reviewed the meaning of OKRs and how to make them. We then discussed the Objective for this quarter, and since we had just redefined the Evidence, I think we could consider this quarter with a concrete image in mind. We were also able to break it down into Key Results and Actions.

That's amazing!

It has been almost a year since the current company structure was established, and I feel that our values and communication as a team have matured and reached a peak. Even in client work, this has been reflected in the high performance of the team.

I am excited to make great Objectives and looking forward to achieving them!

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