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Hello, welcome back to this English lesson inspired by "Real Life English" series. In this lesson, you will learn a lot of very useful English words

#1 - Inquisitive

adjective /ɪnˈkwɪz·ə·t̬ɪv/

Curious; Eager for knowledge; Wanting to discover as much as you can about things

  • Children are naturally inquisitive, so it is important to teach them something new every single day

  • The truly inquisitive and dedicated student will then have the proper tools to further investigate an area of special interest.

SENTENCE PATTERN: "______ is / are very inquisitive."

Example: My dog is very inquisitive.

#2 - Determined

adjective /dɪˈtɝː.mɪnd/

Wanting to do something very much and not allowing anyone or any difficulties to stop you

  • I'm determined to get this piece of work done today.

  • She will get the job she wants - she's a very determined person.

SENTENCE PATTERN: "_______ is determined to _____________________."

Example: The employees are determined to finish the project on time.

#3 - Enormous

adjective /ɪˈnɔː.məs/

Extremely large

  • An enormous car/house

  • He earns an enormous salary.

SENTENCE PATTERN: "_______ is enormous."

Example: The yellow hat on her head is enormous.

#4 - Apprehensive

adjective /ˌæp.rɪˈhen.sɪv/

Feeling worried about something that you are going to do or that is going to happen

  • I'm very apprehensive about tomorrow's conference

SENTENCE PATTERN: "To be honest. I'm very apprehensive about _________________."

Example: To be honest, I'm very apprehensive about the song he chose to sing.

#5 - On (your) guard

adjective /ɡɑːrd/

Alert and ready to respond to possible danger, threats, problems, etc; Careful and aware because a situation might be dangerous

  • Passengers on public transportation were warned to be on their guard against pickpockets

  • My dad told us to always be on guard when we were out at night.

SENTENCE PATTERN: "You should always be on guard when ____________________."

Example: You always be on guard when you cross the street


Please fill in the blank the suitable words and expand the collapse button for the answer

Michael was __________ to be heard by his boss.

I gained so much weight when I was pregnant. I felt _____________.

We have to be _____________ at all times because there are criminals everywhere.

An _____________ person likes finding out about things, especially secret things.

She invited a lot of people, but she was a little _______________ that no one would one.

He was __________ to find out the truth.

My mother told me that I asked a lot of questions when I was a child. I was very ____________.

Thank you for your reading and enjoy the lesson

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