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Exploring the Top Offshore Software Development Companies that are Making Waves in Vietnam

Updated: May 13

What is Offshore Software Development?

Offshore software development is outsourcing software development to companies in other countries. This is often done to help businesses reduce development costs and take advantage of human resources with technical expertise from professional service providers. Businesses that use offshore software development services often do not have an in-house team with enough skills or a large enough scale to complete their projects. Therefore, businesses avail services from offshore developers who have the appropriate knowledge and experience.

Choosing the right offshore company is pivotal for businesses aiming to extend their capabilities or enhance their portfolio of services. The most suitable partner can vary significantly, based on specific project needs, budgetary limitations, and other critical factors like cultural alignment, technological prowess, and industry knowledge. Vietnam has emerged as a significant hub for offshore services, marked by its unique amalgamation of cost-effectiveness, proficient labor force, and technological advancement.

Top Offshore Software Development Companies in Vietnam

We present a thoughtfully selected list of Vietnam's premier offshore companies. This guide is intended to assist you through the vast landscape of Vietnamese offshore services, covering areas such as software development, IT support, and other specialized services. It's essential to recognize that the ideal company for one project may differ from another, hence we encourage readers to base their evaluations on their unique requirements and objectives.

FPT Software

FPT software logo

FPT Software, a subsidiary of the prestigious FPT Corporation – Asia's leading ICT Group, marks its global presence from its headquarters in Vietnam. Renowned for championing digital transformations across multiple sectors like Healthcare, BFSI, Manufacturing, Automotive, and more, FPT Software leverages extensive global market experience to offer unparalleled services.

TMA Solutions

TMA Solutions Logo

Initiated in 1997, TMA Solutions has carved a niche as a premier software outsourcing service provider in Vietnam, employing a vast team of 4,000 engineers. With a rigorous selection process, these engineers represent the cream of Vietnam’s IT talent, contributing to the successful execution of numerous extensive and intricate projects globally.

KMS Technology

KMS Technology Logo

Distinguished in the field of software development, testing services, and comprehensive technology consulting, KMS Technology is recognized for its integrated, cutting-edge solutions that assist businesses in expediting the release of their products. The company prioritizes a customer-oriented approach, fostering innovation and aiding in the modernization of systems or the realization of new software projects.

atWare Vietnam

atWare logo

The mission of atWare Vietnam is "Empower client businesses with Agile". Established in 2020, despite being a young company, we have strong experience working in offshore software development for both the American and Japanese markets. With a team of engineers who possess years of experience in web software development, we are committed to delivering flexible software solutions that quickly and effectively meet the diverse needs of our clients. The combination of deep expertise and an agile approach allows us to not only meet but exceed our client's expectations, thereby fostering their success and growth.

Our dedication to empowering businesses is reflected in our agile methodologies and client-focused strategies. By choosing atWare Vietnam, they are getting a partner dedicated to enhancing their business with cutting-edge web technologies and innovative approaches. Catering to a wide range of global clients seeking to leverage the benefits of high-quality, cost-effective software development services.

Saigon Technology

Saigon Technology Logo

With its head office in Vietnam and branches in Singapore, Australia, Switzerland, and the USA, Saigon Technology, also known as STS Software Technology JSC, boasts over ten years of global IT expertise. Backed by 400 highly skilled software developers, the company is recognized as a leading ITO service provider in Vietnam, dedicated to setting a notable brand presence across three continents while offering cost-effective Agile software development solutions across various sectors like e-finance, e-business, logistics, and healthcare.


The top offshore software development companies mentioned prove that Vietnam is an excellent destination for your upcoming projects. However, each company in Vietnam has its strengths, so it is up to you to determine the best fit for your project’s requirements.

Working with atWare Vietnam, you will benefit from our years of experience as talented offshore software developers. We provide an energetic, high-quality team that responds quickly to increasingly diverse clients' requirements and adapts to ever-evolving technology to bring the best solutions. Please visit our website to learn more about our services and case studies.

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