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What are on your desk, Jack?

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Hello everyone, I'm a setup junkie! I love organizing things in an orderly manner and I feel very pleasant when I stay or work inside of tidy places. In my opinion, a well-ordered setup is an art. Therefore, today I'm here to tell you about everything that's on my desk at the office!

The working desk is where you do most of your creative thinking and spend most of the time a day on it. Why don't you invest in it to boost your productivity?

That is the question and also the answer that motivates me to start decorating my charming desk. The things are on my desk each have their meaning. Each item also inspires me in different ways!

For those who're here to look for some desk inspiration or find out more about what’s on my desk, thank you for joining me today! Let’s jump right into the post!


A little bit about my company's working place / WeWork

I am a software engineer @ atWare Vietnam. Presently, atWare people are working at WeWork, one of the best places to work in HCM city, which has such a direct view to Landmark 81 that I love it. WeWork also has offices and a shared workspace with beautiful decoration. Especially, there is free craft beer provided every day after 5 P.M. So far, there are still a lot of amazing things about WeWork that I can not tell you shortly. Just discover by yourself!

Now, I will show you what is on my desk.

My beloved MacBook with Foldable Aluminum Alloy Stand

I am an iFan, most of the technical devices around me are from Apple. I love Apple design, which fits my personality. atWare provided me with a MacBook Pro (16-inch 2019) with a touch bar. I didn't choose the color, but fortunately, I received the grey one, my favorite color. Don't expect and it will come :)

I use my Macbook with a foldable aluminum alloy stand bought from Tiki. The price is around 20$ (~500.000 VND). I bought the grey one same as my Macbook's color. With this stand, I can easily adjust the height of my Macbook position. Moreover, it saves my desk space for placing things below the Macbook like notebook or pen, etc... I've just used it for half of a year but it's still very stable and enduring.

Monitor Dell P2719H 27 inches

It looks like the other Dell Monitors. Therefore, I have not much to say. I just like its design, with a thin profile and monitor base that's smaller than its predecessor. And with the 27-inch screen size, I can easily arrange screen space for using multiple applications.

Keyboard Keychrone K2 with Walnut Wood Palm Rest

I have been using this mechanical keyboard for more than 2 years since I worked at my old company. I bought it at and it took a month waiting for shipping to Vietnam. Some of my friends didn't like its layout and design but I am not, it has good-looking and also has a sensitive Bluetooth connection to my Macbook. Because the K2's height is a bit taller than the usual keyboard, thus I have to purchase the Walnut Wood Palm Rest to keep my hand feeling comfortable and not be tired when typing for a long time. I love this wood color. You can buy it in the same store as the K2. I want to buy a new one because of the worn-out battery, I don't like plugging it into my Mac with cable all the time. The total price for Keyboard K2 and Palm Rest is around $100.

Mouse Logitech M585 & Leather Fabric Deskpad

If you are not familiar with Macbook Touchpad and get inconvenienced with the slow touchpad pointer operations, you can consider purchasing one of the best, cheapest multi-device mouses for Macbook, Logitech M585/590. M590 is silent clicking and M585 is not, but cheaper. Presently, I'm using M585 provided by my company, which satisfies all of my necessary operations on Macbook. This mouse can connect to multiple devices via Bluetooth and a USB Receiver. The delay in click time when connecting Bluetooth is acceptable to me. Furthermore, the middle wheel button can swipe vertically and you can simply set it to swipe Desktop left/right. It also has 2 buttons at the thump finger position. I set one for Screen Capture and one for Mission Control to show all of the opening applications. All settings will be easily configured in the Logitech Application. Now I can easily capture screenshots with only one press. When I use this mouse, it seems to boost my productivity a lot. The price is around $30.

Few words about this desk pad which is cheap ($3) and nice. I bought it on Shopee. In fact, I don't like real leather, I'd like the fabric one

Over-ear Headphone JBL E65BTNC and Apple Airpod 2

JBL is famous for headphones, that's why I bought this brand's one. Since the AirPods' battery is not long enough, this headphone is the savior for me when working remotely. Its price was about $120. I think it's cheap for the nice design, noise-cancellation, Bluetooth connection, and over-ear headphones in the same price range. Its sound is good but not the best, and the battery life is around 8 - 10 hours. The reason why I keep using both is not only for the long battery but also I prefer wearing the over-ear than the in-ear for better ears' health.

For the AirPod 2, not much to tell. Apple things are da best ^^

Belkin BOOST↑UP™ Bold Wireless Charging Pad 10W

Belkin is a good brand, hence, I feel safe when using it to charge my Apple devices. I love it. I can charge my iPhone and AirPod with no effort and it's quick with 10W power. I bought it on Tiki for around $40.


There still have some remaining small kinds of stuff like water bottles or decorations things. But that's all for major things on my desk. I hope my share can inspire you to build a better desk than mine and boost your productivity.

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