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Why are we in Vietnam?

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

As written in "Who are we?", atWare Japan has established its business since 2004 with the mission of "Make The People Happy with Providing A System".

We have accepted a university student from Vietnam for an internship since 2013, and the following year, the student joined atWare Japan. After that, we hired several Vietnamese students.

One of them, Mr.Nam, who had been working as an engineer since 2015, told us about his dream to work in Vietnam with his family in the near future.

atWare's mission "Make The People Happy with Providing A System" means not only to make our clients happy, but also to make our employees and our families happy by realizing their dreams and goals.

We also want to make more people happy, but for a long time it has been difficult to hire engineers in Japan, and atWare Japan has not been able to scale up our business.

There may be no problem for Mr.Nam to leave atWare, return to Vietnam, and work for some offshore company in Vietnam. However, no one would be happy to lose the trust that Nam has earned with his/our Japanese clients.

However, if Mr.Nam can continue to work in Vietnam as atWare, he, his family, and his/our Japanese clients will be happy. In Vietnam, the government is aggressive in training IT personnel, and it may be possible to hire excellent engineers compared to Japan. The business model and unique culture that atWare has been working on in Japan may be accepted in Vietnam, and we may be able to create value that is different from traditional offshore development. We believe that we can bring happiness to more engineers and customers in Vietnam.

I have been in the IT business for more than 30 years and established atWare for more than 15 years, and I am wondering what I can do to help my loved atWare evolve and develop into an even greater company. It was also a time for me to think about what I would do with the rest of my life now that my three children were grown. While I told my children not to stay in Japan forever and to look at the world. I felt that if I stayed in my current position in Japan, it shrinks the potential of young people and no one would be happy. I want to challenge myself to a new dream.

The establishment of atWare Vietnam was inevitable as a means to realize our mission to "Make The People Happy with Providing A System" and we began preparations for this in 2019. Unfortunately, in the process, the COVID-19 spread around the world and Mr.Nam was not able to return to Vietnam at the originally planned time, so we could not start the business in the way we hoped. Mr.Nam returned to Vietnam one year late(2021), and I finally came to Vietnam at this time, and I feel like we are at the starting line.

I never thought that doing business in Vietnam would be easy, but it has been a really hard road so far. In particular, due to my own lack of English conversation skills, I was unable to communicate well enough, and it was really hard on the Vietnamese employees, which was the most painful thing for me (this is still the same today).

Still, I would like to thank Mr.Nam and the other employees for not giving up and working hard to realize our original dream and mission.

Let's make ourselves, our families, our Japanese clients who believe in us and trust us, and all the users of our system around the world happy!

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