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Make The People Happy with Providing A System #2: "People"

This is the second part of the introduction of the mission of the atWare Group as a whole, including atWare Vietnam, which is to "Make The People Happy with Providing A System". Click here to see the first part.

Our business is outsourced software development. Therefore, it is a given that we must satisfy our clients' requirements and make them happy. Our vision is "Empower Client Business with Agile". The products we develop with our clients empower their business and make them happy. We hope that the products will solve the world's problems, and lead to a better society. We also hope to develop products that are used by people all over the world and make many people happy. As an outsourced software development company, we are happy when we can work with clients who are trying to develop such products and services.

However, we do not want only our clients to be happy, but we also want to be happy ourselves. We believe that engineers are happy when they are exposed to new technologies, solve difficult problems, and achieve their goals. It is also important to have an income that allows the family to live a peaceful life, and to spend time with our family. In addition, the birthrate is declining in developed countries like Japan, and this will eventually be the case in Vietnam as well. I think it is also important to show children that their parents, who are closest to them, are engaged and motivated in their work, so that they will find their work rewarding and make the future of the world more wonderful.

Let's make more people happy through software engineering!

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