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Make The People Happy with Providing A System #3: "Happy"

This is the third part of the introduction of the mission of the atWare Group as a whole, including atWare Vietnam, which is to "Make The People Happy with Providing A System". Click here to see the first part, here to see second part. The definition of "Happy" differs from person to person. I am comfortable with the idea that "Happy" is the fulfillment of needs as described in Maslow's "Hierarchy of needs". In other words, ultimately, it is "Self-actualization", but what people feel as "Happy" differs depending on the level of need they are at. At atWare, we define "Happy" as the realization of the dreams and ambitions of people and organizations. For example, a client company's dream may be to solve a social problem through this service, or to make users' lives a little more convenient. As I mentioned before, we also want to be "Happy", so we want to make each employee's dream come true. It may sound like an overstatement to call it a dream, but one of the dreams we would like to achieve is, for example, to visit a beautiful place that was introduced on the web a little while ago. To do so, you will need to have the financial means to go there and the time, in other words, to be able to take a vacation. As an engineer, we may want to be able to use this interesting technology to do something you have never been able to do before.

I hope that we can work together with our clients and many employees to develop such services and systems, not to satisfy self-interest(not seek only for their interests), but to create a world in which everyone can achieve ultimate self-actualization.

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