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Core Values

Our core values define who we are and guide everything we do. They represent our commitment to excellence, integrity, teamwork, innovation, and customer satisfaction. These values serve as the foundation of our culture, driving our actions and decisions every day

​Keep Improving

No action, No growth.
Do our best to improve our individual strengths and find the best solution with the Inside-out mind.
Become a professional who can deliver one step ahead of people's expectations.
That's the basis of everything we do at atWare.

Learn Sincerely from Our Actions

To fail is basic for learning. The most important thing is to learn sincerely from what we did. Be agile and listen to others' feedback to build up improvements. It leads us to evolution.


"Almost every social conflict can ultimately be traced back to a lack of humility, respect, or trust."
  (from Team Geek - How Google's Geeks Build Teams)
HRT is an abbreviation of “Humility(humility yourself)”, “Respect(respect others)”, and “Trust(trust others)”.
If you feel a lack of HRT within our organization, It’s a great time to do HRT. HRT is not just noun word. HRT is basically verb words. We can start with an action. Be the inside-out mind.
HRT is an outcome that will be made by such action.

Do an Action

If you are aware that you feel something wrong with our organization or you have what you want to do, do not wait for someone's action. Start with you.
Then, that action will be spread out widely, which will lead others to positive action.
Eventually, it will create a storm of excitement within us.
Eager to lead team's activities.

Fun to Work

The most important thing is fun to work. If I am doing what I love and moreover if I solve a problem that is another’s pain, that is fulfilling our mission.
If we have a difficult problem to solve, don't be afraid to fail to try something new. Remember that being challenged and taking risk approaches are some of the fastest ways to level up yourself, just do it with love and passion, it is not all about the final result but also the process. That work always leads to the work that I love. If I just compromise every single situation, my dream will end in a dream. That's why we take on difficult challenges.
atWare is an organization that celebrates challenges and learning, a place where all employees can talk about dreams and goals in life and realize them.
Highlight the importance of taking risks and being challenged.

Freedom and Reponsibility

atWare is an organization that values freedom and flexibility, and all employees recognize diversity. The right freedom needs the right responsibility.
Rather than having strict rules that limit human behavior, promote becoming an autonomous organization - individuals can do an action through thinking for themselves and listening to others' voices, take their own responsibility, and make a decision that they think is the best action.
In an organization, the individual has the freedom to make their own decisions, and also the individual must be responsible for their decisions.
We believe that such an empowering environment can create new innovation that has never been seen before.

Be a Transparent Organization

At atWare, we willingly and proactively open up information throughout the organization.
Be aware that a transparent organization is a prerequisite for maximizing our core values.

Be Honest

We are a member of atWare and one of the engineers, also one of society.
We are expected to act on the right principles. Not only what is the right as engineers, also not only what is the right as atWare members.
We always are honest with everyone and society, rather than putting personal or company benefits first.
If we are honest, loyal, and do not lie or cheat, we will be trusted by society.


Regardless of age, gender, work experience, everyone should have an equal voice in a company, by creating equality in the company will lead to the free exchange of information, will optimize the capacity of all members in the company.

Convince their Hearts

If you want to do what you want or to create a big value, we cannot go alone, but we must cooperate with others, instead. Then you must convince them to go with you. It’s advisable not to try to change their minds. Humans think with their minds but often act with their hearts. To convince someone, one is advised to be in their shoes and connect with their heart.

One for All
& All for One

The value of Agile/Scrum is to achieve results by the team.

You can decide

You have your voice in our team. If you feel something good, you can raise to improve our team

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